I was amazed to read that some members of the most prominent body of accountants in UK still are not convinced of the merits of Equity Crowdfunding.

My experience of the process is that it provides a route to funding that was non-existent a few years ago. It is relatively quick to use and above all democratic in its outcome. These days you don’t have to belong to a syndicate of Business Angels in order to get your foot onto the bottom rung of a new business idea. The internet has enabled a number of very busy platforms to offer new companies access to finance that was closed to would be investors in the past.

We recognise that this is a threat to the established channels of finance but I believe that we are in the midst of a funding revolution, which will only continue to broaden.

Emerging start up and high growth companies will continue to need the advice of a savvy accountant to help make the funding round successful. A well planned and presented crowdfunding pitch could be a simple and effective means of bringing in necessary funding and possibly finding important mentors who want to buy their way into a new business idea.

If this makes it seem like a interesting proposition I suggest that you have a look at the relevant article in the attached link. Our experience with crowdfunding has been good and we would be very happy to talk more about how we could help you and your business.


Simon Bruce

Author Simon Bruce

Simon qualified as a Chartered accountant with BDO London in 1982 and then began a career taking in banking, manufacturing and international trading working in UK, Europe and Australia. He has worked with publicly quoted companies, family companies and start-ups.

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