Growth Through Innovation

Harness the power of new technology and thinking to grow your business

Business Planning

At White Bruce we believe that Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance and we help all our clients formulate Modern, Real Time and Highly Visual Plans for many pressing concerns.

Whether you are Starting-Out, Planning for Growth or Looking to Secure what you hold dear, we can help you put a plan in place that will cover all eventualities, help reduce your stress levels and allow you to pivot quickly when the need arises.

Lean Startup

Here at White Bruce we are big fans of the work of Eric Reis, the author of the Lean Startup, and his protege Alec Osterwalder who developed the Business Model Canvas. Using the techniques pioneered by these two men, we can help you to acquire a deep knowledge of how your business works, and the key drivers you can use to grow it.

SMART Grants and
R&D Tax Credits

Innovate UK offers assistance to innovators at all stages of their business journey in the form of a 50% SMART contribution to your development costs; HMRC offers trading companies who are making a profit a Corporation Tax Allowance of 130% of those same development costs. And if your development is yet to move into profit, you can get a refund of 33% of your eligible development costs.

White Bruce has the experience, knowledge and contacts to ensure you make the most of these important innovation subsidies.

Cloud Computing

In recent years there has been a revolution in the way businesses use computing resources. Gone are the days when technology was accessed using expensive equipment in dusty computer rooms looked over by bearded geeks with poor social skills. Cloud Computing has changed things forever, allowing you to locate your business critical systems in State of the Art Secure Server Datacenters that you can access at any time, from any place and using whichever device you happen to have to hand.

White Bruce is certified by all the leading vendors in the Cloud, and we can help you make the seamless transition to this new world of cheaper and more effective computing.

Access to Finance

Get the funding that you need to grow your business

Access to Finance

White Bruce is an approved Growth Coaching organisation under the Government’s flagship Access to Finance programmes. We work with Entrepreneurs to ensure that their businesses are Investment Ready: identifying potential areas of weakness and drawing up improvement plans. Once a business is Investment Ready, we introduce the Entrepreneurs to a wide range of Funding Opportunities.

Equity Investment

Raising Equity from Angel Investors and the Crowd can be a daunting experience; so we will support you from start to finish, helping you draw up your Plans and your Pitch, and joining your team if needed to assist with Investor Presentations. We will ensure your business is Investment Ready, and that you take full advantage of the Government’s SEIS and EIS Tax Reliefs; and we will use our connections to help you find the right Cornerstone Investors for your raise.

Amounts raised can vary from around £50k to around £1m; and Investors can range from Private High Net Worth Individuals to Investment Syndicates and the wider Crowd.

Once you have raised the money, we will help you cope with the increased Reporting Responsibilities that inevitably follow when new Shareholders are taken on board.

Tax Incentives and Grants

The Governments Enterprise Tax regime offers large numbers of incentives for Companies wishing to expand. White Bruce works with Entrepreneurs to ensure they can attract Investors using both the Enterprise Investment Scheme (“EIS”) and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (“SEIS”). We are also skilled in obtaining cash help towards development costs under Innovation support schemes such as Smart Grants and R&D Tax Credits.