14 April 2014 is a day to remember as it marks the birth of White Bruce. It is a simple story of two accountants, Dave White and Simon Bruce, meeting up for a drink a few months earlier, coming up with some ideas about how to work together and, hey presto, deciding on 14 April to formally unite their business activities under the banner of White Bruce LLP.

Our philosophy

The White Bruce philosophy is simple: to be Accountants to Everyone. We see accountants as being able to provide valuable services to business people irrespective of where the client is in their business evolution.

As a business increases in complexity, starting perhaps with a simple idea seeking validation and seed funding, moving all the way through to the business owner looking to divest their company and retire gracefully, White Bruce is able to provide a host of services and support.

Heads in the Cloud

We believe that modern technology, especially Cloud computing, provides many new ways that businesses can manage their finances and communicate with interested parties. That is why we have become Xero certified and are Xero Silver Partners.

We are hugely enthusiastic for all our clients to see the benefits of working with a world class, online accounting system that has more functionality than any other we know. We are also embracing the world of Apps that either make the capture of financial information simpler or can use the data available in Xero to generate useful business information.

Growing client base

In the space of five months, White Bruce has acquired a range of clients that are also operating in the new technology sectors. Telecoms, IT and financial technology (Fintech) are starting to become sectors of expertise for White Bruce.

We now have clients in start up incubators in Bristol, Bath and London, which has put us in the forefront of the crowdfunding phenomenon. This in turn has enabled us to tackle the complexities, benefits and potential traps associated with Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, Enterprise Investment Scheme, and Company Secretarial issues that have historically not been an issue for many start up companies.

Growing White Bruce

We have, of course, designed and redesigned this website, written content, even started putting together an animation to place on the homepage.

With all this work we have been searching for people who can help, including boosting the team in the areas of compliance, bookkeeping and administration. We hope that in the next few weeks we shall be increasing our staff numbers and enhancing our capacity to service our clients’ needs.

In the community

As well as building our team and resources internally, we are engaged in discussions to reach out to the wider business community. Our intention is to form a partnership with a local business with unique premises which we are hoping to develop into a vibrant creative centre for businesses.

It is early days at the moment but we are hopeful that this project will become a nexus for our work with start up businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, intrapreneurs, mentors and the broader business community in Somerset.

Blogging and LinkedIn

On a slightly different subject Dave has had fame, if not fortune, land at his inbox by way of his internationally acknowledged expertise in Microsoft excel.

Initially he made headlines by writing an article on Excel templates for the ICAEW IT community, which was then taken up by Microsoft and has been distributed worldwide. Following that success he was asked by Microsoft to review the new Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. Having written a review of that tablet he now find himself with a deluge of people wanting to connect on LinkedIn with him.

If you would like to connect with either of us on LinkedIn, please do so. We would love to hear from you and receive your comments on any aspect of start up finance, taxation or cloud accounting. All the best for now.

Simon Bruce

Author Simon Bruce

Simon qualified as a Chartered accountant with BDO London in 1982 and then began a career taking in banking, manufacturing and international trading working in UK, Europe and Australia. He has worked with publicly quoted companies, family companies and start-ups.

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